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Dr. Angela Osborn

Dentist Office in Lone Tree

Dental Miracles Provided Everyday!

Have you ever met someone with a remarkable, unforgettable smile? Regardless of your challenges, this could be YOU...Call today for your free cosmetic consultation and learn about options to improve your smile. If you send us a photo of your smile, we can provide a digital rendering of you with your new smile.

Look and Feel your Best!

Your smile is so important! Whether showing love to your children, greeting your grandparents after months of non-contact or conducting daily business, your smile says everything about you. A beautiful, healthy smile will provide you with confidence to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Experience the difference a new smile makes.

Osborn Advanced Dentistry is a Judgement Free Zone

Whether you have a great smile or have neglected your teeth for years, we will never judge you. Our mission is to provide effective dental solutions in a judgement free manner and help you achieve your dental goals, improving your life.

If you are searching for a dentist near me, have just found your forever home for comprehensive dental care. Give us a call at 303-799-9993 and let us care for you.

Whether you are looking for a Delta dentist, a Cigna dentist or want to maximize any other dental insurance plan, we will do our best to maximize your benefits.

Osborn Advanced Dentistry would be pleased to be your Lone Tree Dentist! Also known as Lone Tree Dental, here you will find a skilled experienced cosmetic dentist, a quality general dentist and a team that will treat you like family. Our work is meant to last.

We treat patients of all ages in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. In addition, we have been trained to ask compelling questions to address your overall health as well as your dental health. You will be surprised at our concern for your health and well-being.

Whether you need a dental mouth guard for hockey or other sport or a routine cleaning, exam and X-rays, we are here for you. Please see us on a regular basis.

Quality Dental Restorations

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Dr. Osborn moves quickly and is detail oriented when preparing your restorations. She knows that proper preparation is the key to longevity of restorations.

Whether you have a broken tooth, a toothache, tooth pain, a twinge, hot sensitivity or cold sensitivity or need a dental cleaning, we are here for you.

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Dental Hygiene

Trust Dr. Angela Osborn with your Smile!Learn More

Maintaining consistent, healthy dental hygiene practices will be beneficial to your overall oral health. When you come to the office for your regularly scheduled appointment, we will make sure your smile is as healthy as possible. However, it is incredibly important that you take good care of your smile at home in between your appointments. Our dentist recommends that you follow these oral hygiene steps to keep your smile healthy:

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Whether you have a toddler in need of a happy visit or would like advice for your child going off to college, please call us and take advantage of what we have to offer. Upon request, any high school student will receive a copy of “Dental Tricks to Surviving the First Year of College”.

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