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Dr. Osborn and her staff are stellar and truly exceptional at what they do. The practice is professional, and I felt welcomed and invited as soon as I walked through the doors. Brittany made me feel at home and immediately provided a warm friendly atmosphere. The dental hygienist, Jamie, is unprecedented in her care and craft. There is genuinely no equal. If anyone is hesitant about going to a dental practice, as I was, I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.

Cindy K.

I have had difficulties with my teeth since childhood and hence, lots of fear and anxiety with dentists. Dr. Osborn and her staff have treated me with gentleness and kindness. Her expertise and determination to get it right are - at last - making my dental visits pleasant and with fewer and fewer problems. This is the absolute best dentist I have ever ever known...and I've known many!

Nadia I.

I have to say, I have never had such a wonderful experience at the dentist. My past dentist really had a tough time getting my services rolling and after a year and a half of no real work done, I was ready for a change. I initially contacted the office through their contact form online and Brittany called promptly after to ask what I was looking for in a dentist. She is incredibly lovely and kind and booked me quickly for my initial appointment. The office is gorgeous, and the staff is incredibly hardworking and personable. When I met Dr. Osborn, I was so happy to see how incredibly sweet and thoughtful she was as well how she wasn't just trying to get me in and out! She really listened to what I was looking for. I wanted to get my Clear Aligners started right away and she made it happen that day! We created my impressions and sent them on their way. I truly can't wait to work with these great people more - what a lovely place!!

Jean A.

Dr. Osborn's office visit is always pleasant. She and her staff have been very helpful about staying within my yearly dental insurance limits.

Anthony S.

Dr. Angela Is the tooth goddess. You won't find a more skilled dentist anywhere. The staff are a total joy. Your smile will thank them.

Nanci G.

Dr. Osborn and her team are top notch!! Customer service, super friendly and beautiful office. Dr. Osborn is highly skilled in many procedures of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry! If you are looking for a dental home you can be assured that this is the right place from the moment you walk through the door.

Cheryl M.

Dr. Osborn is great. I had not been to a dentist in 10 years. Fear is the #1 factor but cost was also. The staff was comforting and knowledgeable with both issues. I have a small mouth so it's not easy to work in. Dr. Osborn always takes care to inform me of what she's doing and that helps a lot.

Sawyer J.

My family and I recently visited Dr. Osborn for the first time. Our previous Dentist of 35+ years retired and we were looking for the same type of Dentist that we could trust with our Dental Care. Dr. Osborn and her practice absolutely delivered. From the moment that I scheduled our appointments with Brittany and being greeted with a big smile was an excellent first impression. Jamie is the Hygienist and is absolutely outstanding. Jamie explained each procedure in great detail on everything that she sees while performing her X-Rays and Cleaning (my daughter thought that she could be a Dentist with her knowledge). After the cleaning, Dr. Osborn took the time to explain everything that she saw with my teeth and also various options. It was a very positive experience across the line and we now believe that we have found our new family dentist for many years. Thank you so much, Dr. Osborn, Jamie and Brittany!

Abbey L.

I'm 20 and I WAS afraid of the dentist. I hadn't been to one for 6 years because of it. When I walked into Dr. Osborn's I automatically felt calm. Everyone one here is so nice and accommodating. They make sure that you are taken care of and have no pain. I felt really comfortable letting them work on my cavities and they made it quick and easy!! Dr. Osborn's office is awesome!! I would definitely recommend going her!!

Michael R.

I am new to the area and needed a new dentist. I work next door to Dr. Osborn so I decided to walk over and see what services they had. As soon as I walked in, Brittany greeted me with great personality and cheer. From there I booked my first appointment. During my first appointment, I received my normal cleaning and met with Dr. Osborn. She asked great questions about my wants/needs and how we can accomplish them together. She was very knowledgeable, understanding, and personable! This place is amazing I would recommend them to my friends and family!

Darin L.

I would like to give a BIG shout out to my dentist Dr. Angela Osborn for treating me today for an asymptomatic abscess molar that I have been unknowingly walking around with for well over a month. After experiencing some tissue discomfort Dr. Osborn immediately got me into her office to examine my teeth, prescribed medication to halt the infection, and saw me today to finally extract my failing tooth. The procedure she used to extract my tooth was different from what I have ever experienced before and it was absolutely PAINLESS! Phew...I am feeling SUPER LUCKY that Dr. Osborn caught this in time before things went from bad to worse. Thank You Dr. Osborn!

Brittany W.

Dr. Osborn has been my dentist for over 7 years now and she is by far the best!! I have had bad experiences in the past and I am very thankful I found her. The other ladies in the office are always very helpful as well!! Thank you for letting me feel like part of the family!

Leo C.

Dr. Osborn is awesome dentist. Her and her staff are just incredible. I don't feel that I am not just a client, but a friend to everyone that works there. I don't dread going to the dentist because they make me feel special. Thank Dr. Osborn. If you need a dentist, call them and make an appointment. You can thank me later.

Sarah U.

Dr. Osborn and her team are fantastic! They make me feel so comfortable and welcome when I'm there. The dental assistant Brittany is so gentle and always makes sure in doing OK through any procedure. I would recommend them to anyone, they will take great care of you.

Jamie P.

I was referred to Dr. Osborn and am so glad I went. Brittany was able to set up an appointment for me right away and was super helpful getting me started. When I showed up for my appointment Dr. Osborn was the first person to greet me and she was so nice and personable. During my dental exam she had great attention to detail and caught things my old dentist missed. She listened to my questions and concerns and it was overall an enjoyable experience. During my dental procedure she was able to show me what it was that she was concerned about and showed me a before picture, during picture, and after picture. She also showed me how my x-rays were not showing the problem! If you are looking for a very knowledgeable, skillful and kind dentist I would recommend Dr. Osborn. Her and her staff make a great team.

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