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At Osborn Advanced Dentistry, we want you to feel confident with your skin as well as your smile. We are proud to offer Botox® injections to smooth lines and unwanted wrinkles and help you look younger.

Dr. Osborn has been professionally trained and understands the muscles of the face. When opting for Botox, choose a medical or dental office. You will be glad you did. Moreover, you will receive an invoice from the dentist, not a plastic surgeon, so your secret is safe with us.

If you desire to remove deep wrinkles and look your best, please ask Dr. Osborn about our options or call 303-799-9993 to make an appointment.



Dr. Osborn has been specially trained to administer Botox injections at Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics in British Columbia.

Myofunctional Therapy

Our Registered Dental Hygienist has been trained and certified as a Myofunctional Therapist. She will evaluate the function of the facial muscles and recommend appropriate exercises to attain proper muscle function

Perio Protect ® Trays

We build custom made trays that provide oxygen below the gum line to help eliminate bacteria and prevent periodontal disease

Gum Rejuvenation

An in-office procedure to restore gum tissue over exposed root surfaces due to receding gums. This is an alternative to invasive periodontal surgery.

Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Osborn is available to address dental pain, bleeding or swelling with same day emergency visits and consultations.

Laser Gum Therapy

Use of a diode laser during routine hygiene appointments to kill periodontal bacteria for up to 12 weeks.

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