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A New Approach

To Whole Body Health & Vitality Through Craniofacial Sleep Therapy
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A Revolutionary New Treatment For
Sleep Disordered Breathing

Other treatments address symptoms. Osborn Advanced Dentistry Sleep & Breathing Wellness addresses the underlying condition. Interrupted breathing during sleep may contribute to other potentially serious health conditions and may improve or even be eliminated with Craniofacial Sleep Medicine.

Ask Yourself 3 Simple Questions

Do you often wake up unrested and experience fatigue during your day?

Do you or your spouse snore or stop breathing while sleeping?

Do you know any children that breathe through their mouth, snore, or wet the bed while sleeping? Or have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

If You Answered “Yes to Any of These Questions, Take a 20 Second Video of Your Loved One Sleeping and Text It Along with the Words “Please Help Us” to 720-799-4138.

Man having trouble sleeping

You Are Not Alone!

Millions suffer from a variety of adverse health conditions which are the result of interrupted sleep patterns. While lying down, someone with an underdeveloped jaw, narrow dental arch, and/or a constricted airway is unable to achieve and sustain good, effective breathing.

Correcting the underlying condition will often result in better breathing, more restful sleep, and a renewal of healthy vibrant living.

The Osborn Advanced Dentistry Sleep & Breathing Wellness Center is operated by specially trained dentists working with physicians. These professionals are dedicated to improving patients overall health and well-being.

Symptoms of
Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Chronic Snoring
Daytime Drowsiness
Gasping Episodes While Asleep
Persistent Headaches
Obesity & Large Neck
And More...

Here at Osborn Advanced Dentistry Sleep & Breathing Wellness everything begins with a healthy mouth. When you meet with Dr. Angela Osborn, you will have an entirely new dental experience. In fact your experience will give you a whole new perspective on your overall health and wellness.

Open Doors with Your Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Smile Is Not Expensive, It's Priceless

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Every aspect of our lives is affected by oral health—it’s a critical component to overall wellness. At Osborn Advanced Dentistry Sleep & Breathing Wellness, we have decades of experience in every aspect of oral health for patients of every age. When you contact Osborn Advanced Dentistry Sleep & Breathing Wellness, you can be confident you’re speaking with a dental and breathing wellness expert.

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We are going to introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about oral healthcare. Our approach to dentistry will be something you have never experienced. Come join us.

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